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Machine vision technology in the field of industrial endoscopic
Time: 2014-09-18 12:34:13     Copyfrom: Heisenberg

    From the current market conditions, the machine vision technology has been recognized by the majority of users, from a limited range of applications in electronics, semiconductor field spread to many areas of industry, transportation, medicine, literature, and scientific research coverage. The reason why there is such a machine vision technology development speed, its high stability, high resolution, high speed, high environmental adaptability performance advantages are closely linked.

The biggest reason for the success of machine vision technology in its unique non-contact detection of measurement. Non-contact technology not only makes the long-range detection can obtain more accurate and clearer picture information is more important is the effective protection of the safety of the target and the operator, therefore, non-contact measurement technique has also been termed detection for non-destructive testing techniques. 

Machine vision system is composed of a light source, lens, industrial cameras, frame grabbers, image processing software which is mainly composed of five parts, machine vision imaging process technology is capturing the light irradiation optical signal through industrial cameras target object, then the image grabber converts the optical signal into an image signal together, and ultimately transferred to the image to achieve image processing center, which is the main reason for the machine vision technology can obtain the effective image data without contact. Today, non-destructive testing of industrial processes has become an essential technology in the industrial fields have played a pivotal role.

Dimensional visual image is a company in the industry with 10 years of experience in the field of camera manufacturers, the production of industrial cameras have a cost-effective, quality, market stability and many other features. And its high standards of industrial cameras with image acquisition card in medical imaging, industrial endoscope, automotive electronics and many other fields also have a good reputation and application examples.

NDT applications of machine vision technology in the field of industrial endoscopy has certain advantages, observing people's line of sight can be extended arbitrarily change the direction of the line of sight, ensuring accurate non-destructive on the surface were observed. More importantly, it can directly detect the operation of the internal structure of the object or inside the monitoring device components and so on, can also be more subtle parts without dismantling, without clear imaging decomposition. Endoscope is also based on this research, in the field of medicine, endoscopy importance of disease detection process is already well known for, and now, but also for the development of industrial endoscope industrial production monitoring, product quality testing, other aspects of the production equipment testing provides the most accurate image data.