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Shenzhen Heisenberg Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection development, production and sales in technology companies. Main products are: industrial inspection systems, industrial endoscope, location, and other products.

The company's products are mainly used in municipal, security, electricity, forestry protection, water conservancy, petrochemical, rescue, aerospace, automotive, search and rescue, pot seized, manufacturing, mining, product quality testing and other fields.

The company from its inception, to determine the innovative, progressive development of strategic objectives, attracting outstanding professionals to join, provides us with continuous innovation and development momentum. We also honor the company became famous OEM, ODM important partner. In recent years, our satisfactory service, excellent quality, worldwide sales network. Technical strength and improve the service system for us to win wide acclaim and long-term trust of customers. We look forward to working with you to win, the total development of long-term cooperation and dedication to provide you with quality products, advanced technology, top service!