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Heisenberg Technology for pipeline detection facilitation
Time: 2014-10-17 12:33:27     Copyfrom: Heisenberg

    Burst water pipe, may be due to internal pipeline corrosion; Boiler welding defects, may lead to incalculable security disaster; minor cracks gas pipeline could cause gas poisoning innocent people ...... We live in a city full of pipeline ecosystem, the quality and safety of the pipeline directly affects the lives of everyone, then the pipeline equipment manufacturing, installation and use of security maintenance and how to protect it? The unknown "unsung heroes" is the industrial endoscope - it is the most reliable tool for engineering and technical personnel to the equipment used to carry out "physical" is. 

June 2014, Heisenberg techonlogy successful launch of the latest pipeline inspection solutions in various industries. Over the years, Heisenberg techonlogy is committed to breakthrough industrial endoscope technology, not only to the engineering and technical personnel to bring a more comfortable and safe equipment maintenance environment, but also a substantial increase in the relevant units of equipment maintenance and security capabilities, effectively ensure the public life and property safety. Heisenberg techonlogy look through advanced industrial video endoscope, with industry-leading three-dimensional measurement technology, optical technology continue to be the guardian of a beautiful life.